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Discount Wedding Invitations

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Shades of blue, brown, cream and purple are popular colors for wedding invitations.
The Invitations
Set the Tone for Your Wedding

Invitations with wraps or embossed borders are among the most popular. Our selection of discount wedding invitation cards includes dozens of tradition, trendy and elegant styles.  We offer various border designs, from pearlized borders to simple but elegant invitations. Many couples today prefer inexpensive, elegant wedding invitation designs, and our invitations fit the bill perfectly.  

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Inexpensive Wedding and Bridal Invitations


We have the largest online selection of inexpensive wedding and bridal invitations here at Love Bug.

We service brides all over the United States.

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Why Discount Wedding Invitations?

Discount wedding invitations are our claim to fame. We offer name brand wedding invitations found in retail stores at discounted prices. We ship the invitations to your doorstep and you receive the savings!

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What Our Customers Are Saying!

"I've told everybody about your cheap invitations and great selection. Brides are always looking for a discount in this economy. Thanks so much!" ~ Karla, Louisville, Kentucky

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Wedding Articles

Enjoy wedding articles for the latest in wedding invitation trends and styles.

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We offer wedding invitation favorites from Carlson Craft and online wedding invitations that are unique, yet cheap.



All Inexpensive Bridal Invitations

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Cheap Wedding Invitations

At Love Bug Wedding Invitations, we understand that planning your special day can take a lot out of you, both mentally and financially.  We are here to help relieve some of that stress. We specialize in cheap wedding invitations for any bridal need, and can promise only the highest quality. With our inexpensive wedding invitations, we offer only the best, striving to help make your wedding day even more than you dreamed of – and saving you money while doing so.

Bridal invitations are one of the most important components of wedding planning, as they set the stage from the very beginning. With our selection of cheap wedding invitations, you can rest assured that the first thing your guests see will be nothing less than perfect for your unique and beautiful wedding day. All of our discount wedding invitations are beautifully crafted in a variety of styles, allowing you to customize them just the right way for your individual preferences.

We have received rave reviews for the speed, ease, and quality of our services. Our customer service is unparalleled, and we aim to work with you to ensure that we know exactly what it is you want in a wedding invitation. We offer excellent phone support to answer any questions you may have, and include a wide range of customization options. In addition to our cheap wedding invitations, we also offer cheap bridal favors and accessories, in addition to invitations and stationary for other memorable occasions.

Save your money for your new beautiful life together. You will find that Love Bug Wedding Invitations is the best option for providing the stress-free, incredible, and inexpensive wedding invitations that you deserve!


Discount Wedding Invitations

Discount Wedding Invitations

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Discount Wedding Invitations

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